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EXTREME pneumatic brakes

Fully patented, both in design and operation principle, Extreme pneumatic brake represents a new era in the industrial brake applications.
It guarantees high performance, compact dimensions, more than 7 years of pads life span and respect for the environment.

The reaction time is the fastest and most constant available on the market; the torque of the Extreme pneumatic brake is constant, stable and linear over time also varying the working temperature. Thanks to all these features, Extreme pneumatic brake brake guarantee a more stable tension of the reels you need to unwind and process.

The Extreme pneumatic brake is available in two models: XT10 brake is usually used for important braking torques, such as on corrugated board roll stands, XT7 brake has been specifically designed for narrow web sector, which require high torque stability and the lack of residual toque.

The success of all our pneumatic brakes is the result of in-depth studies, tests and cooperation with the most important OEM during more than 40 years of activity, that have allowed us to become the world leader.

XT.7 XT.10
Torque max 1 caliper (dynamic slipping) 88 Nm 250 Nm
Torque min 1 caliper (dynamic slipping) 1,47 Nm 4,166 Nm
Pressure min/max 0,1/6 bar 0,1/6 bar
Max disc rpm 1500 2500
Total weight 6,5 kg 19 kg
Heat dissipation without fan 2 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 24 V 2,5 kW 6 kW
Heat dissipation with fan 110/220 V 4,5 kW