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T-two tension controller

T-two is a digital tension controller for the automatic regulation of the web tension; provided with a compact and sturdy case, it has been designed to be mounted on a DIN bar inside the electrical panel of the machine. The core of T-two is the new P.I.D. algorithm specifically developed by our technicians to stabilize critical systems.

The control panel of T-two tension controller is equipped with 3 buttons for the regulation and the management of the parameters and a 3 digit display with 7 red segments.

T-two standard is able to regulate the web tension using the brake torque that refers to the signal coming from load cells or dancing roller.

T-two LB is the version studied for SPLICER systems: the non-working reel is held down by the stand-by torque, while the working reel is regulated in torque by the P.I.D. algorithm to keep the dancing roller in the preset setpoint position.