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Safety Chucks

Safety chucks are the ideal solution for the roll support and torque transfer during the unwinding and rewinding applications.

SAF/SAP safety chucks are designed and made to guarantee reduced setup time, very high security level, compatibility with almost all kind of expanding shafts and long life span. SAF/SAP are available in two versions, with feet or flange, all with sliding opening; maximum reel weight of 1600 kg. Interchangeable inserts available in a range of shapes and sizes, including customer’s specifications.


SAF.21 SAF/P.31 SAF/P.41 SAF/P.51
Max load capacity (N) 3250 4000 8000 14000
Max working speed (rpm) 1350 1200 1100 1100
Max transmissible torque (Nm) 200 235 900 1100