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PTS25 is the line sensor designed to identify the position of solid lines, broken lines, printed edges, web edges and patterns of any kind on a moving web even at the highest web speeds; made possible by its 1KHz regulation speed.

The PTS25 has been designed to optimize the operator experience by using a simple and user-friendly interface, text messages and even assisted calibration. The PTS25 is able to select the best reading point inside the viewing area even in extremely adverse conditions, such as reflective materials, low contrast, imperfect light conditions, etc… without manually relocating the sensor. Finally, the line sensor is equipped with a red laser track to simplify its positioning according to the reference line to follow.

Re technicians also paid particular attention to the mechanical installation of the sensor. Thanks to an articulating bracket and the ability to locate the sensor up to 60mm from the web, without losing focus on the image, the PTS25 doesn’t have to be moved or removed during web positioning.

The PTS25 is equipped with a 5″ color touch screen display that ensures dependable reproduction of the real image. Two highpower LED lights produce true white light to ensure the best performance even in bad lighting conditions. The sensor is provided with a viewing area of 25×16 mm and with digital and analog inputs and outputs.



  • Identify solid or broken lines, pattern, edges
  • Extreme precision and reliability
  • Assisted calibration
  • Viewing area 25x16mm
  • Easy and intuitive calibration